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The Essential Guide to Keeping Your Cat Warm and Happy This Winter

by Higooga Team 20 Dec 2022
The Essential Guide to Keeping Your Cat Warm and Happy This Winter | Higooga Blog

In winter, cats are great at keeping themselves warm, but they can't do it all on their own. Even if you're lucky enough to have a cat that loves to be wrapped in a big blanket and snuggled on the couch all day long, your cat will still need some help staying comfortable during the winter months. Here are some tips for keeping your cat warm and healthy this winter season:

Provide a warm and cozy shelter

When winter comes, your cat needs a place to retreat to. 

Every cat should ideally be kept indoors and protected in areas with extremely low winter temperatures. Make sure that the flap cat doors or automatic cat doors your cat uses to enter the shelter are always operational and never blocked, especially during the cold months.

Make sure that your cat has plenty of room to move around in his indoor enclosure so he can stretch his legs and have some exercise if he needs it.

Have plenty of blankets ready

Tips for Keeping Cats Warm and Healthy in Winter

The more comfortable your kitty is, the more loungy and relaxed they will be. The best way to keep your cat warm and cozy is by giving them extra pillows, blankets, and other soft furnishings. Cats like variety, so if you have more than one comfy option in your house, your cat will likely choose the one that feels most like home. And keep in mind to regularly wash the blankets, just like you would your own bedding, to keep them fresh and clean.

Take care of senior cats

Tips for Keeping Cats Warm and Healthy in Winter

If you have an elderly cat who suffers from arthritis, think about getting them a pet bed made to relieve sore joints because they can experience more discomfort during the colder months. The first step in finding a good quality bed for your furry friend is to look at the size of their body and make sure that it will fit properly. 

Accessibility is equally important for senior cats, so make sure the beds you provide are either open or offer a wide and low entrance for easy access. 

There are various kinds of cat beds especially designed for the winter season. Look for beds that are made with thicker plush fabiric, fleece or wool. These beds are specifically made to keep your pet warm during those cold winter nights. 

Give them a healthy diet

Most cat owners feed their pets a healthy diet, even though it isn't mandatory. There are a variety of reasons why this is a good choice. First of all, a healthier cat is a better pet. Cats who eat natural, nutritious food typically have more energy, and a thick, lustrous coat. They are also much less susceptible to developing health problems. A balanced diet will also go a long way towards maintaining a cat's enthusiasm for life!  

Have a reliable heating system

Tips for Keeping Cats Warm and Healthy in Winter

Sometimes it might not be possible to take your cat with you on trips or vacations. If you must leave them home alone for long periods of time, you want to make sure that your heating system at home is dependable! Some cats are more comfortable with a space heater and some prefer their own little bed space. It's important that their environment be warm enough, so they won’t get cold, stressed, or become sick.

Take extra precautions when going outdoors.

Indoor cats are not used to extreme weather conditions. So if they need to be taken outside, you'd want to make sure they are wrapped in blankets or wearing a thicker outfit to maintain a suitable temperature. Also, there are cat carriers that have built-in heating pads to keep your kitty warm at all times. 

Tips for Keeping Cats Warm and Healthy in Winter

The winter months can be difficult for your feline friends. Depending on the breed and the thickness of their fur, the temperature which your cat could withstand varies. These tips are a great starting point, but they're only suggestions. Cats, like humans, also have their own personalities and preferences. If you aren't sure whether you're doing enough to keep your cat warm and healthy during the cold weather months, speak with your veterinarian for more info. 

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💡 This article is intended to provide information and inspiration regarding pet care. However, it should not be construed as professional veterinary advice. If you have further queries about your pet's health, require medical advice, or if your pet exhibits signs of illness, it is strongly recommended to arrange a comprehensive consultation and check-up with a licensed veterinarian.

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