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Giant Carrot Scratching Pole For Cats


Extra Large Replaceable Cat Scratcher Bed


Cat Scratch Sisal Mat

The purr-fect scratcher

We have different options so you can find the purr-fect match, and elevate your cat's experience with a fresh new scratcher every 3 months through our subscription option.

Size Matters

To ensure your cat feels comfortable and secure, select a scratcher that is the appropriate size for your cat. Take into consideration your cat's height, length, and weight to determine the ideal size.

The right material

Choose a scratcher made from durable and eco-friendly materials, such as sisal or corrugated cardboard. These materials will last longer and provide a satisfying scratching experience for your cat.

Form factors

Vertical scratchers are great for stretching and marking territory, while horizontal scratchers are perfect for lounging and napping. Consider your cat's behavior and preferences to determine the best form for your feline friend.

Always new

Higooga's subscription service is designed to ensure that your cat always has a top-quality scratcher. We'll send you a new core to replace the used one every three months, so you don't have to worry about the scratcher losing its effectiveness or shedding material.

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