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How To Choose The Best Litter Box For Your Cat

by Higooga Team on April 26, 2022
How To Choose The Best Litter Box For Your Cat | Higooga Blog

As a cat owner, one of the most important aspects of caring for your feline friends is providing them with a litter box that meets their needs. Different cats prefer different boxes, and there are many in the market to select from. 

You also have to consider your needs. Factors such as where you live, your daily schedule, and your aesthetic preferences will define your choice of cat litter box. How do you choose the best cat litter box for your cat? Read this guide to find out more.


Considerations before choosing a cat litter box

In order to choose the best possible litter for your cat and your household, it's important to consider a few things which are as follows: 


The size of the cat

This matters a lot because Cat litter boxes come in different sizes and shapes. The litter box should be big enough for the cat to rotate when inside. The container should be tall enough to prevent litter tracking when the cat digs; otherwise, you’ll need a mat or regular cleaning to prevent scattered litter all over the home.

Also, ‌different cat breeds will require different litter box sizes. The ideal size of the box should be approximately one-and-a-half more than the size of the cat, and the dimensions of the box should be similar to the cat's size.


An open or closed cat litter box?

When deciding what's best for your cat, consider two things. Firstly, cats are always aware of the danger and need a chance to escape. Some cats may be reluctant to use a closed litter box as it keeps them from seeing what is going around them. A closed cat litter box could be perfect for an ambush in an apartment with pets.

Secondly, a closed box will stop the stinky smell from spreading and retain litter in the box. If the smell becomes too strong, your cat might be reluctant to use it. If cleaning is an issue, an open cat litter box can work for you and your cat.

However, while closed litter boxes are perfect for cat owners, they might not be ideal for some cat breeds. If you have a Maine Coon, Savannah, Siberia, Ragdoll, or any other large cat breed, the cat probably won't fit and will make a mess.


Age of the cat

Younger cats can handle top entrances and higher sides, while older cats require to walk in and out without too much struggle. That’s why a cat litter box with low front and back entries is ideal for older cats. The litter boxes with higher sides are great for senior cats since they’ll be able to sit down properly without back problems. Younger and healthy cats rarely suffer from these issues.


Your litter box budget

You can get all types of cat litter boxes in stores and shops, with prices as low as $10. If you go for the cheap plastic litter boxes, you’ll be forced to replace them frequently because they'll soon be covered with scratches and knicks that could hold dirt and smell. In such a case, the box may become unattractive to your pet. However, you can trim your cat's nails to minimize scratches on the litter tray to make it last longer. 


Types of cat litter boxes

How To Choose The Best Litter Box For Your Cat | Higooga Blog

Open cat litter boxes are cheap and efficient, making them ideal and perfect for cat owners with multiple cats. They’re great for cats that want to have a magnificent view and be on the lookout for potential dangers.


  • They’re simple and affordable, so you dont have to bother about the cost.
  • Easy to clean and replace litter
  • Usually more portable
  • Spacious enough for large cats
  • Little training required


    • There are high chances of cats scattering litter all over the place
    • It smells often - so it must be cleaned regularly.
    • It doesn’t look too pleasant at home as everything inside becomes visible.

        Closed Litter Boxes

        If you’re a first-time cat owner living in an apartment, then the odor from the cat litter box will be a big concern. Choosing a closed cat litter box will help you solve this problem. Closed cat litter boxes such as Mofang Top Entry Litter Box and MS Designer Series Fully Enclosed Compact Cat Litter Box are ideal for cats who prefer privacy.


        • They are usually better looking and can be placed anywhere in the house.
        • It prevents odor and litter from being tracked around the house


        • It is challenging to clean unless you take the cover off, so the design of the litter box is crucial.
        • They are relatively heavier or bulkier, and may take up significant space
        • Some cats (especially kittens) require training to use them appropriately.


          How To Choose The Best Litter Box For Your Cat | Higooga Blog

            Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

            Are you always busy and usually don't have ample time for chores, this container is for you. Self-cleaning litter boxes will help you save time by raking and sifting through cat litter and keeping waste in a compact bin, which can be easily emptied.


            • These are self-clean cat litter boxes, so it's a  great time-saver for busy and pre-occupied people
            • Litter odor is drastically reduced
            • It eliminates the need to regularly clean and scoop



            • They are very expensive compared to other litter boxes
            • It requires a lot of care to prevent the rakes from injuring your cat
            • More clumps of waste are likely to accumulate if the rakes can't properly remove them.
            • It requires power to work.
            • Might have limitations on litter types

                Extra-large litter boxes

                These can be ‌closed or open litter boxes, but they are larger and more profound than standard litter boxes. The  Fawn Designs Large Size Semi-Enclosed Litter Box is a good example.


                • Its ideal for cat parents with large or multiple cats
                • It saves time with cleaning and refilling because not only can you add more litter but you can also reduce the frequency of replacement.
                • It prevents large cats from making a mess


                • Extra-large sizes mean they will take up more space at home
                • Requires more litter to fill up the space.


                  How To Choose The Best Litter Box For Your Cat | Higooga Blog

                    Top entry litter boxes

                    Are you fed up with your cat tracking litter around the house? Then a top-entry litter box like the Mofang Top Entry Litter Box is the solution. It has a removable cover with a hole at the top for entry and exit.  


                    • Innovative design with cats' behavior in mind
                    • There is a slight chance of the cat scattering the litter across the floor.
                    • It prevents odor from spreading in the house


                    • Not suitable for aged cats and bigger cats as they’ll have a difficult time getting out


                      Designer Litter Boxes

                      If you live in a city, you might want a litter box that goes well with your apartment. A designer litter box is ideal as it will add a touch of stylishness to your home. The award-winning MS Designer Series Fully Enclosed Compact Cat Litter Box is a great example. It's spacious enough for large cats and attractive enough to fit in with the rest of your home decor.


                      • Looks much more attractive than an ordinary litter box
                      • Suitable for small apartment space
                      • Usually better designed in terms of functionality


                      • More expensive than standard litter boxes
                      • Harder to find

                          Finally, how often should you scoop and clean your litter box?

                          How To Choose The Best Litter Box For Your Cat | Higooga Blog

                          Cats are held to a very high standard regarding cleanliness. They are more inclined to use an uncluttered and fresh litter box. Here is a cleaning schedule to help you keep your cat happy. 

                          • Scoop all solid waste once or twice daily
                          • Replace the litter with clean litter weekly
                          • Thoroughly clean the cat litter box at least once a month to get rid of dirt and germs on the side of the litter box
                          • Change the cat litter box every 6 months to 1 year if it has too many scratches or stains.
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