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Smart Automatic Cat Teaser Ball | Higooga
Smart Automatic Cat Teaser Ball | Higooga
Smart Automatic Cat Teaser Ball | Higooga
Smart Automatic Cat Teaser Ball | Higooga
Smart Automatic Cat Teaser Ball | Higooga
Smart Automatic Cat Teaser Ball | Higooga
Smart Automatic Cat Teaser Ball | Higooga
Smart Automatic Cat Teaser Ball | Higooga
Smart Automatic Cat Teaser Ball | Higooga
Smart Automatic Cat Teaser Ball | Higooga
Smart Automatic Cat Teaser Ball | Higooga
Smart Automatic Cat Teaser Ball | Higooga
Smart Automatic Cat Teaser Ball | Higooga
Smart Automatic Cat Teaser Ball | Higooga
Smart Automatic Cat Teaser Ball | Higooga

    Smart Automatic Cat Teaser Ball

    • If you're busy with work and worried about not having enough time to play with your cat, free up your hands and let the ball do the work.
    • This interactive toy engages your cat's hunting instincts, preventing potential damage to your furniture, and ensuring endless hours of exercise and fun.
    • With just a touch of a button, it will automatically keep your furry friend happy, well-exercised, and entertained.

    Are you worried about not having enough time to play with your cat due to a busy schedule? Concerned about their well-being, lack of exercise, and potential feelings of loneliness? Don't fret! Our product is designed to alleviate these concerns with just one touch. Experience the convenience of automatic cat entertainment that keeps your furry friend engaged and active.

    Our product features a soft and skin-friendly silicone coating that not only ensures quiet rolling but also provides increased friction and durability. We prioritize your cat's safety and health by utilizing ABS/silicone materials. The upgraded Type-C charging system guarantees faster, more stable, and safer charging, making it a reliable companion for your beloved feline friend.

    Unlike traditional rolling balls, our product is specially designed with a size of 43mm, perfect for satisfying your cat's primal hunting instincts. Tested and approved by countless feline friends, its dimensions offer optimal control and playability, ensuring hours of enjoyment for cats of all ages, including curious kittens.

    With 90% of its surface wrapped in a noise-dampening material, our product ensures a quiet playtime experience. From day to night, indulge your cat's curiosity without disturbing your family’s peaceful sleep. With a noise level as low as 40dB, embrace the harmony of quietness and playfulness with our innovative design.

    We understand the importance of nurturing your cat's hunting instincts while maintaining a harmonious home environment. This product keeps your cat entertained, preventing them from engaging in destructive behaviors such as scratching furniture. Experience the joy and endless playtime without compromising the integrity of your home furnishings.



    • Automatic and Interactive Cat Toy: Keep your cat entertained with this toy's automatic rolling and moving features. It offers different modes to control playtime and meet your cat's needs.
    • Keeping your pet well-exercised: This toy responds to your cat's touch, simulating the movement of prey and creating an exciting chase experience.
    • Quiet operation: Enjoy a peaceful environment as the toy operates at around just 40dB, allowing your cat to play without causing disturbance.
    • Soft and durable construction: The toy is made from high-quality materials, including a skin-friendly silicone coating, ensuring durability and safety for your cat's enjoyment.
    • Tailored size for cats: Designed with the perfect size of 43mm to stimulate your cat's natural hunting instincts, providing them with a satisfying play experience.
    • Ultimate convenience - Chargeable via USB Type-C power cords, ensuring your furry friend’s toy will always be available when needed


    4.3cm in diameter


    Silicone, ABS

    Weight / Capacity:

    0.04 kg

    Country Of Manufacture:


    Other specifications:

    Charging method: Type-C charging


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    How does the Smart Automatic Cat Teaser Ball work? Simply press the power button to turn it on/off. In normal mode, the ball automatically runs for 5 minutes and then shuts off. In smart mode, it enters standby mode after 5 minutes and activates with a tap.

    Is the ball safe for my cat? Yes, the ball is made of durable silicone material that ensures your cat's safety during playtime, allowing them to scratch and bite without any harm.

    Can I control the ball manually? No, the ball is designed to operate automatically and does not have manual control. It uses intelligent algorithms to provide interactive play for your cat.

    How long does the ball's battery last? The ball features a built-in rechargeable battery that provides 1-2 hours of gameplay. The actual duration depends on usage and settings.

    How do I charge the ball? The ball comes with a Type-C charging cable. Simply connect it to a power source and plug it into the ball's charging port for convenient recharging.

    Can the ball be used on different surfaces? Yes, the ball is suitable for various surfaces such as hardwood floors, carpets, and tiles. Its smooth rolling action allows it to navigate different terrains.

    Will the ball damage furniture or walls? No, the ball is designed with a 90% cushioned material to minimize the risk of damage to furniture or walls, ensuring a worry-free playtime experience.

    Is the ball suitable for kittens? Yes, the ball's size and movement patterns are suitable for kittens. It provides interactive play and exercise for young cats.

    How do I clean the ball? You can easily clean the ball by wiping it with a damp cloth. Avoid submerging it in water or using harsh chemicals to protect the electronic components.

    Can multiple cats play with the ball at the same time? Absolutely, multiple cats can enjoy playing with the ball together, fostering interactive play and engagement for all furry friends.

    Can the ball be used outdoors? The ball is designed for indoor use. While it may not perform optimally on uneven or rough outdoor surfaces and is not waterproof.

    Is the ball noisy? No, the ball operates quietly with its silicone cushioned material, producing only around 40dB of sound, ensuring a peaceful playtime for both your cat and yourself.

    What if my cat loses interest in the ball? Cats may have varying levels of interest in toys over time. You can try different play techniques or introduce the ball during interactive play sessions to reignite their interest.



    Every Cat Is Different.

    Is your furriend a baby or a senior kitty? Needs size XL for everything? Save time by shopping for specific needs and life stages. We know - because we are proud cat pawrents, too.

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