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Foldable Enclosed Pet Carrier | Higooga
Foldable Enclosed Pet Carrier | Higooga
Foldable Enclosed Pet Carrier | Higooga
Foldable Enclosed Pet Carrier | Higooga
Foldable Enclosed Pet Carrier | Higooga
Foldable Enclosed Pet Carrier | Higooga
Foldable Enclosed Pet Carrier | Higooga
Foldable Enclosed Pet Carrier | Higooga
Foldable Enclosed Pet Carrier | Higooga
Foldable Enclosed Pet Carrier | Higooga
Foldable Enclosed Pet Carrier | Higooga
Foldable Enclosed Pet Carrier | Higooga
Foldable Enclosed Pet Carrier | Higooga
Foldable Enclosed Pet Carrier | Higooga
Foldable Enclosed Pet Carrier | Higooga

    Foldable Enclosed Pet Carrier

    $89.99 $96.99


    • Ideal for cats that prefer a protected and enclosed space while traveling.
    • Features wide openings and a spacious interior, providing your furry friend with easy access and a cozy environment made from durable materials and secured by escape-proof zippers.
    • The roll-up curtain reveals a scratch-free mesh window that ensures optimal airflow.
    • Offers multiple carrying options: use it as a hand-carry, shoulder bag, cross-body sling, or secured to your suitcase with the provided luggage sleeve.

    Enter a world of comfort and freedom with our Foldable Enclosed Pet Carrier. Its spacious interior and wide opening create a mobile playground for your furry friend. Whether you have a curious cat or an adventurous pup, they can roam, explore, and play while feeling right at home. This enclosed carrier is perfect for shy pets, too.

    The escape-proof zipper and claw-resistant mesh ensure your pet stays securely inside, while still enjoying fresh air through the breathable mesh window equipped with a roll-up curtain. It's a harmonious blend of safety and comfort, giving you peace of mind as you bond with your beloved pet.

    Crafted with love and precision, our Foldable Enclosed Pet Carrier features durable Oxford cloth that stands the test of time. We've thoughtfully designed it with your comfort in mind too. Its ergonomic design distributes weight evenly across your body - ensuring a strain-free and enjoyable journey for both you and your pet.

    This bag is designed to adapt to your travel needs, no matter your preferred style. You can use it as a hand-carry, shoulder bag, or cross-body bag. It also includes a luggage sleeve that securely attaches it to your suitcase while you travel. The durable shoulder strap ensures comfort and security, providing both flexibility and durability for all your adventures.

    This stylish pet carrier can be easily folded for storage when not in use, making it a convenient option for pet owners with limited storage space.


    • Perfect size that accommodates most cat breeds and puppies
    • Super lightweight and comfortable to carry
    • Features a luggage sleeve and a comfortable shoulder strap for versatile carry options
    • Oxford cloth material provides an easy-to-clean surface
    • Foldable for easy storage
    • Available in two soft, beautiful colors


      42 x 26 x 23 mm (16.5” x 10.2” x 9.1”)


      Surface: Oxford cloth fabrics


      Fits pets of up to 6KG

      Package Weight:


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      Why is an enclosed bag great for pets who are scared of being taken outside?

      An enclosed bag provides a sense of security and comfort for pets who may feel anxious or scared when taken outside. The enclosed space gives them a safe and familiar environment, reducing their stress levels and making them more comfortable.

      How does this enclosed pet carrier ensure airflow for the pet inside?

      The Foldable Enclosed Pet Carrier features a scratch-free mesh window with a roll-up curtain that provides optimal airflow. The mesh material allows for fresh air to circulate inside the bag, ensuring that your pet has a constant supply of fresh air even when inside an enclosed space.

      How much weight can the carrier hold?

      We recommend carrying cats weighing up to 13 pounds(6 kilograms)

      How many openings does this bag provide?

      There are a total of 3 openings: one at the top and two on the left side. Additionally, there is a roll-up curtain and breathable mesh on the right side. The three small pockets in the front offer super versatile and handy compartments!

      Can I carry the pet carrier in different ways?

      Yes, it offers various carrying options—fix it to a suitcase, hand-carry, single-shoulder, or crossbody—for ultimate convenience.

      Is the carrier safe for my pet?

      The carrier features an escape-proof zipper and anti-scratch mesh roller blinds to ensure your pet's safety.

      Can I use the carrier for outdoor trips?

      Yes, it's suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, made with waterproof and durable Oxford cloth.

      How do I clean the carrier?

      Cleaning is easy; simply wipe the carrier with a damp cloth.

      Is the carrier comfortable for my pet?

      Yes, the breathable design and ample space provide optimal comfort for your pet.

      Can I fold the carrier for storage?

      Yes, it's foldable, making storage hassle-free. Refer to the pictures for folding instructions.

      Can my pet see outside while inside the carrier?

      Yes, the carrier is equipped with mesh windows for ventilation and visibility, allowing your pet to enjoy the view and easily interact with you.

      What color options are available for this pet carrier?

      Currently, it comes in two adorable and easy-to-match colors: pale pink and white.

      Is this carrier comfortable to hold?

      Yes - The wide shoulder straps reduces burden, and the handle is designed for added comfort.

      Is this carrier durable enough?

      The sturdy shoulder strap connections provide excellent durability and a secure carrying experience. The straps and handles are comfortable and built to last.



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