Who Are We?

Life is full of little changes. We get excited when we try something new. Adopting the first cat, learning a new sport, giving our homes a little makeovers, trying to cook some exotic cuisine, growing strawberries on the balcony, putting together a new home office, learning to vlog... and the list goes on. But how do we start? We watch endless Youtube videos, we ask our friends to see who has experience, we visit every store online and in the city trying to find the best tools. It's exhausting, we give up before passion has a change to grow. 

Higooga is here to do just that - make starting something so convenient so that you can focus on getting the results while we help you find the most easy-to-use, cost-effective products from suppliers all over the world. We work with domain experts and influencers to come up with the best kits to get you off the ground quick without breaking the bank. We even include a little leaflet with simple tips to let you know what the products are and how you can make the best use of them.

Finding a passion and making progress in life are proven ways to increase happiness. Whether you have an idea or just want to browse and get inspired, come to Higooga, order a box and let the refreshing journey begins!