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A smoother way of bathing your cats

by Higooga Team 18 Oct 2021
A smoother way of bathing your cats | Higooga Blog

Cat bathing, the grooming activity that gets mixed feelings from fellow cat owners. For some, cat bathing is an absolute delight, with no scratches and marks to report. But for others, well, let's just say things aren't so peachy. Whichever side you may belong to, today, we are here to give you some helpful tips that will help uplift the bath experience for both you and your bundles of joy. Keep in mind that cats are the kings and queens of self-care, so they won't need to have frequent baths. But when the time to get your furry friends squeaky clean comes up, keep our handy tips in the back of your mind.

Have all the bath necessities ready beforehand

    There's nothing more frustrating for your cat than having to wait for you to get some towels to dry them or some cat shampoo to use on their fur. Don't be that person and let your furry friend be left feeling cold, wet, and uncomfortable. Have all that you need ready beforehand to ensure a seamless bath experience. Get a towel (and another), suitable cat shampoo, and all that good stuff! This will avoid your furry friends getting cranky and also speed up the process. You might also do well in giving your star a nail trim beforehand to come out the process scratch free. 

    Prepare the ideal bath setting

    Did you know that an optimal bath setting can have a massive impact on your cat's bath experience? Well, now you do. It first starts by choosing the right bathtub size for your furry friends. Something too big, like a regular bathtub, can be overwhelming for some cats. Something too small can be a squish fest. You'll want to make sure you get something that is the right size. And good news, we have just what you're looking for. 

    Okay, you got the optimal size bathtub. Now, you'll need to fill the bath. Here, only fill the bath with a few inches of water (5 -7 inches) as too much H20 can be scary for your furry friends. Also, be sure that the bath is at the right temperature. A cat's normal body temperature is around 101- 102 degrees F/ 39-40 degrees C, so a few degrees (1-5) higher than this would be the most comfortable for your furry friends.

    Get your cat in and begin by washing the hardest areas

      Bath necessities check, optimal bath setting check. Now it's time to get your furry friend in to begin the washing. Some cats may be a little hesitant to get squeaky clean, so you'll need some creative persuasion to motivate them. I've found that treats before, during, and after bath time always seem to do the trick. Now, once in the bathtub, start by cleaning your cat's most delicate areas, such as their face. A soft washcloth will be your friend for this. Some cats aren't fans of water splashing on their face and other sensitive areas, so you'll need to be a tad more careful.

      Finish off with the remaining areas

      After getting done with the hard part, you can begin using a cat shampoo to clean your star's fur. A loofah sponge or brush can be helpful for thorough brushing all around and makes sure you leave no rock unturned. After getting in the thick of things, you can then use a cat conditioner on your cat's fur for healthy-looking hair. Let it settle for a minute before you can start with the rinsing process. This could also be another great time to give your bundle of joy another much-earned treat.  

      Rinse and dry

        Bye-bye dirt. Now it's time to rid all the grime off your precious star. You'll want to use a handheld showerhead with a low jet spring to rinse gently and get your cat clean. For delicate areas such as their face, use a washcloth instead to remove all the dirt away. Once your furry friend is clean, it's time to get your towel(s) and get them dry ASAP. Regular towels should do just fine with most cats, but you can also use highly absorbent micro towels if you've got a long-haired fellow. 

        Give praise and rewards

        If you haven't given your cat some praise and treats for being so cooperative, now could be a great time to do so. Not only does it make it up to your precious star, but it also ends the bathing session on a high note, which is so essential for building positive associations with baths for your furry friends. So don't refrain from saying, "who’s a good boy/girl" or “that’s my little champ, here's a much-earned treat." Show your cats that you are proud of them. Something so simple can go a long way in getting your stars to become more and more comfortable with baths.

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