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Petoneer NutriSpin 6 Meals Automatic Pet Feeder | Higooga
Petoneer NutriSpin 6 Meals Automatic Pet Feeder | Higooga
Petoneer NutriSpin 6 Meals Automatic Pet Feeder | Higooga
Petoneer NutriSpin 6 Meals Automatic Pet Feeder | Higooga
Petoneer NutriSpin 6 Meals Automatic Pet Feeder | Higooga
Petoneer NutriSpin 6 Meals Automatic Pet Feeder | Higooga
Petoneer NutriSpin 6 Meals Automatic Pet Feeder | Higooga
Petoneer NutriSpin 6 Meals Automatic Pet Feeder | Higooga
Petoneer NutriSpin 6 Meals Automatic Pet Feeder | Higooga

    Petoneer NutriSpin 6 Meals Automatic Pet Feeder

    $119.99 $129.99

    Perfectly timed and portioned meals: Promote your pet's well-being with scheduled and perfectly portioned meals, a simple solution to the complexities of pet nutrition.

    Versatile six-compartment design: Capable of holding both dry and wet food, this feeder keeps pests like bugs and ants at bay, guaranteeing your pet enjoys fresh, premium meals every time.

    Never out of power: Provides convenient dual charging capabilities for seamless and mobile usage, ensuring your pet never misses a meal.


    Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to manage your pet's dietary needs while juggling a busy work life? This incredible automatic feeder is the perfect solution to your concerns about irregular feeding schedules and the potential health risks they pose to your beloved pet. With its innovative feature of mixing wet and dry food, it provides a variety of meal options. Say goodbye to boring meals and say hello to a happier, well-fed pet.

    This innovative feeder allows you to effortlessly set up to 5 feeding plans per day using the feeder or the Petoneer app, ensuring your pet's meals are always on schedule. Plus, with built-in claw detection and a locking lid, you can rest easy, knowing your pet is safe from accidents and tampering.

    Pets deserve comfort during mealtime too. Each compartment in the removable tray holds up to 120g of food, ensuring your pet gets the right portion every time. The rotary design surprises your furry friend with every slot, accommodating dry, wet, freeze-dried snacks, and nutritious treats.

    Power outages won't disrupt your pet's feeding routine. Petoneer NutriSpin 6 Meals Automatic Pet Feeder offers dual power supply options—USB and backup batteries. You can count on it to consistently deliver your pet's meals, saving you from unnecessary stress.

    This feeder's intuitive design features sensitive touch buttons and an easy-to-operate Petoneer app. Want to treat your pet to an extra meal? Simply press the Feed Now button through the app. You can monitor your pet's feeding schedule and receive instant sound notifications on the well-designed, easy-to-use app, offering you complete peace of mind.

    Maintenance is super easy! The anti-skid pads and separable components make cleaning a breeze, ensuring a hygienic environment for your pet.



    • Superior Sealant Technology: Designed with excellent sealing capabilities, effectively preventing the growth of bacteria and pests. This ensures your pet's meals are always fresh and safe, giving you peace of mind.
    • Ultimate Portability: Compact and lightweight, this product is equipped with dual charging options which can be conveniently placed anywhere in your home. Its sleek and minimalist design adds a touch of sophistication to your home decor.
    • Versatile Six-Compartment Meal Box: Our six-compartment meal box offers a diverse range of meal options, promoting a balanced and healthy diet for your pet.
    • Automated Timed Feeding: The feeder is built with a precise timing mechanism that operates on a 24-hour cycle. Just set it once, and it will consistently deliver meals to your pet on schedule, regardless of whether you're at home or away. The intuitive one-touch setup allows for easy configuration and initiation of the feeding cycle.
    • Smart App Control: Take complete control of your pet's meal schedule with our user-friendly mobile app.  Connected via Bluetooth, this app allows you to customize feeding times and meal frequencies with ease. Stay connected with your pet's well-being, ensuring they are well-fed and happy, all through your smartphone.


    32cm X 32cm X 8.3cm (12.6’’*12.6’’*3.3’’)



    Weight / Capacity:

    About 1134g (2.5lbs)

    Country Of Manufacture:


    Other specifications:

    Power Input: DC 5V 1A

    Communication: Bluetooth

    Suitable Pets: Cats and Small Size Dogs


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    Q: What does this package contain?

    A: The package includes a NutriSpin 6 Meal Pet Feeder, a USB Type-C to USB-A Cable (1.2M), and a user manual.

    Q: Does this product have a cooling function?

    A: Please note that this product does not have a built-in cooling feature. We recommend replacing wet food within 8 hours to maintain freshness.

    Q: What is the maximum food capacity for each compartment?

    A: Each compartment in the removable tray can hold up to 120g of food. This capacity example refers to dry food.

    Q: How can the product's app assist me?

    A: Our app is crafted to offer you effortless and adaptable management of your pet's feeding schedule. You can configure up to 6 meals a day, modify portion sizes, and even record a personalized message for your pet. With the Petoneer app or directly on the feeder, you can establish up to 5 feeding plans per day: a single setup can cater to your pet's 6-meal demand for three days. The feeder will automatically dispense food at the set times. An alert sound will be played each time a slot is rotated.

    Q: Can I schedule multiple meals per day with this feeder?

    A: Yes, you have the flexibility to schedule multiple meals per day either through the mobile app or directly on the feeder itself, ensuring your pet is well-fed.

    Q: Is the feeder easy to clean?

    A: Cleaning is a breeze with the removable food tray and icebox, making maintenance simple and quick, so you can spend more quality time with your pets.

    Q: Can I use both batteries and a USB power source?

    A: This feeder offers dual power options, allowing you to use three AA batteries or a rechargeable lithium battery via a micro USB power source for uninterrupted feeding.

    Q: What material is used for the feeder?

    A: The feeder is constructed from high-quality ABS material, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance, even in a pet-friendly environment.

    Q: Can I set different feeding schedules for different days of the week?

    A: Yes, you can customize feeding schedules for various days of the week using the user-friendly interface, catering to your pet's unique routine.

    Q: Will this device trap my pet's paws?

    A: No need to worry. The feeder is equipped with sensors that detect when a pet's paws enter the tray, pausing rotation to prevent any injuries. It resumes once the paws are retracted.

    Q: Are there any other important considerations for this product?

    A: Certainly. Please keep in mind the following:

    1. Do not place any objects on top of the feeder.
    2. Avoid exposing the feeder to liquids.
    3. Ensure you do not overfill the food compartments to prevent device malfunction.
    4. Replace batteries promptly when low battery alerts occur and remove batteries for long-term storage.
    5. Safely secure or conceal power cords to prevent pet interference.


    Petoneer NutriSpin 6 Meals Automatic Pet Feeder | Higooga
    A balanced diet of wet and dry food

    Bid adieu to feeding fiascos! This 6-compartment pet automatic feeder is your secret weapon against mealtime chaos. Whether it's wet or dry food, we've got it covered. Ideal for busy pet parents, it's convenience packed in a compact design. Now, juggling work and pet care is a walk in the park!

    Petoneer NutriSpin 6 Meals Automatic Pet Feeder | Higooga
    An automatic feeder that schedules and serves

    Forget fretting over pet feeding schedules! Our automatic feeder offers up to 5 timed schedules, ensuring your pet doesn't overeat and meals stay fresh. It's a fortress against ants, bugs and germs, keeping food safe all day. Perfect for pet parents who value health and hygiene, it's a time-saver that prioritizes your pet's well-being!

    Petoneer NutriSpin 6 Meals Automatic Pet Feeder | Higooga
    Revolutionize pet care with the smart feeder app

    Take control of your pet's meals with our feeder's innovative companion app. Seamlessly connected via Bluetooth, this app enables you to monitor the feeder's operations and set meal schedules effortlessly. Perfect for pet parents seeking a stress-free solution to manage their pet's nutrition.

    Petoneer NutriSpin 6 Meals Automatic Pet Feeder | Higooga
    Feeding Fluffy, uninterrupted

    Stay calm during power outages with the Petoneer NutriSpin 6 Meals Automatic Pet Feeder. Dual power options ensure Fluffy's meals are served on time, every time. Say goodbye to manual feeding stress and hello to peace of mind!