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Easy Home Cat Grooming For Beginners

by Higooga Team on January 13, 2022

Cat Grooming Without Tears

Easy Cat Grooming For Beginners | Higooga Blog


When you make your first steps in cat parenthood, the feeling of excitement becomes almost impossible to keep inside. You think of all the sunset walks, the sweet cuddles on a chilly day, and all the cheeky fun you will share with them. You want to enjoy every moment with your furry friends and give them the absolute best to keep them happy and healthy. Part of ensuring this is learning how to take care of their grooming needs. And what better way than with our beginner-friendly Cat Owner's Essential Tools Lazy Box. Today, we wanted to do something special by having a little unboxing to share how looking after your cat's grooming needs can be made simple with only three uncomplicated tools. So let's unwrap the tape and see what's inside!


Trim your cat's claws regularly to prevent scratches

LED Light Pet Nail Clipper with Lock Switch

Once opening the box, you'll see three simple to use grooming kits, an LED Light Pet Nail Clipper, a Pet Fur Remover Roller, and an Easy-Clean Pet Fur Comb, which are all you'll need when starting to make sure that your cat grooming needs are well-taken care of. For now, we'll focus on the nail clipper, as you'll need these to trim your cat's claws. Trimming your cats' nails is a regular grooming activity you need to be doing for your furry friends and ensure that your furniture and you are safe when their natural scratching tendencies come out to play. When the time comes, our LED light clipper will be your friend. The LED light feature makes sure you know what spot to trim, and once you find it, the trim is precise, painless, and more enjoyable for both you and your furry friends. You'll only need to do this every one and a half weeks to two weeks to make sure your cat's nails stay in healthy condition. And if you're looking for some guidance on the whole nail trimming process. Check out our blog on "How To Trim Your Cat's Nails At Home" to walk you through all you need to know.


Brush your cat's fur to massage & prevent hairball

Easy Cleaning Pet Fur Comb

Although our furry friends often hold their own in keeping their fur clean, regularly brushing their fur is essential to complement their already commendable efforts. The second tool in our simple grooming arsenal is our Pet Fur Remover Roller With Self-Cleaning Base used for, you guessed it, making sure that your cat's fur looks great and in healthy condition. One thing our fur comb does well is gently but purposefully getting deep under your cat's hair to remove any build-up dirt, grease, or dead hair to minimize shedding and stimulate blood circulation. And with bristles that massage as you brush, your cats can get some enjoyment and comfort out of it too, which makes for a fun bonding experience between you and your furry darling. If you have a long-haired cat, you'll want to be brushing his/her fur at least once a day, whereas once to twice per week should be just perfect for our short-haired furry friends. You can do this after bathing your cat (another essential grooming activity your cats need) or simply when you have some alone time to bond with your cat.


Clean-up afterwards in an effortless way

Pet Fur Remover Roller with Self-Cleaning Base

As great as having our furry friends in our lives is, what's not so great is cleaning up after them in the home. In comes the final tool to complete our Cat Owners Essential Tools Lazy Box. And that is our pet fur remover roller. If you are only new to cat parenthood, one thing I'll say is that you should prepare for loads and loads of fur lying around your home, whether after grooming or just by natural occurrence. But with our pet roller, there's nothing to sweat on. When it comes to cleaning fur in your home, our Pet Fur Remover Roller With Self-Cleaning Base helps keep things in check in your home. Unlike pet brushes that require more man labor, this rolling brush picks up fur with little to no effort on your end. From having cat hair on your furniture to your clothes after a good old snuggle session, having a roller is an essential tool any cat owner would be thankful to have around.