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Why do some cats love hiding?

by Higooga Team on November 01, 2021




Reasons behind cat hiding behaviour 

Whether under our beds, in our closet spaces, or in cat tunnels of all shapes and sizes, one thing is for sure, most cats love to hide. But have you ever wondered why this is the case? Is it instinct or by habit? Maybe you've come to notice that your furry friends are so lively and playful when you're the only one around but get shy and reserved when an unfamiliar guest shows up, or why can you never seem to find them after you discover the secret mess they made in the kitchen? Well, today, we got the cat talk on the reason why your cat may be hiding.


Need For Alone Time

Being a cat isn't all easy as one might think. Eating, sleeping, playing, and looking cute while doing it all can be tiresome. And this isn't helped with all the daily ruckus that takes place in our homes. Whether your dogs are getting too pesky, or there are general noise disturbances all over, our furry friends can quickly become overwhelmed with everything around them. So much so that our precious stars need a healthy escape to get away from it all and mentally detox with some me, myself, and I time.

And if you don't want your furry friends hanging around in your kitchen drawers, closest, or anywhere they shouldn't be, having a cat tunnel like our 2-in-1 Foldable Cat Tunnel can give your furry friends a safe and inviting space to do all their hiding in peace.


Temperature Regulation

Our furry friends are very sensitive to temperature changes, and therefore, being the self-care queens and kings they are, cats have a few tricks up their sleeves to keep their body heat in check. One way our stars do this is through hiding. Sometimes, curling up in a cozy and inviting box, tunnel, or under a bed helps our bundles of joy conserve their body heat. This assists in keeping them cool on hot summer days and warm on those so familiar chilly winter days. I don’t know about you, but I think cats could teach us a few things about self-care.


Avoiding Trouble

Cats do not deal well with uncomfortable or stressful situations. Any sniff of potential trouble can often be a trigger for them to go into hiding. Isolation helps our champs escape from potential stress-causing threats, dangers, or situations. Now, what is considered stressful differs from cat to cat. For some, stress could be caused by the arrival of another cat that rubs them the wrong way or perhaps because they don't want you to find them after they had a little mess up in the house. Whatever it may be, hiding will make them feel safer and more comfortable.


Potential Illness or Sickness

In rare cases, you might notice an unhealthy level of hiding from your furry friends. This behavioral change can be a signal that something might be disturbing your cat. Unlike us, who often are quick to tell others when we aren't feeling 100%, cats often seclude themselves from others. As a keen feline carer, you should always keep your eyes open to this because there might be something troubling your little cutie. Whether sickness or an injury, it might be worthwhile to look into it. You may also notice this behavior along with excessive yowling, which is a quick spot that something isn't ticking right.


Pregnancy or birth

Commonly, female cats will purposefully seek out solitude when they are pregnant or soon to give birth. Isolation avoids potential threats and dangers when your cat is preparing to birth some kittens. It's probably best to respect this and allow your cat to have this process in peace. So that means no chin rubs or belly rubs, at least until the whole process is over. If you suspect that your precious star is soon to go into labor, the best thing you could do is prepare a safe, inviting, and private space for them to give birth. Try giving them as much privacy as possible while still maintaining a watchful eye for any signs of distress.


Should you be worried about your cat hiding?

Cat hiding from time to time is no reason for concern as it can be a healthy way to keep our furry friends calm, reduce their stress levels, and help them feel safer. A good hiding spot like our range of cat tunnels and boxes can be a welcoming refuge from all the daily disturbances our furry friends deal with daily. Be it so, it is also essential to watch out for the amount of hiding your furry friends are doing. Hiding becomes a cause for concern when practiced in high frequency and comes with a change in behaviour. As mentioned before, excessive seclusion can point towards potential sickness or injury that might be troubling your cat and can alert you to issues before they get too serious.